PXG had recently updated its branding and needed to match the website to its new modern, sleek style.

I came into this project after the information architecture, user flow and sketches were already put together, so from there I created wireframes and mockups, and then edited images and graphics to provide to the developer.


Art Direction, UI, UX, Graphic Design



Wireframes & MOCKUPS

With the sketches in place, I jumped into creating wireframes for both mobile and desktop, followed by the UI and visual design. On the home page, we wanted to first showcase the variety of products, followed by telling the PXG story, which includes its superior quality and craftsmanship, sponsored players, and associated programs.


PXG Pro’s Carousel

PXG wanted a section showcasing their players with equal exposure for each. I came up with a carousel that could be navigated either by swiping through the images on mobile, or clicking on their thumbnails on desktop. Each player’s image would include a link that led to their player profile.



The PXG team wanted a navigation that was easier to browse and contained their newly developed information architecture. I decided to make it more visual without adding too much vertical space, but including short images to represent each of the navigation items. PXG was excited about the results, both in terms of ease of navigation and attractive UI/visual design.


The end result was a modern newly-branded website that is much easier to navigate. The next steps will include implementing a more user-friendly online shopping experience at PXG.com.